Ann Gallick is a Minnesota-based artist. She is a contemporary landscape painter interested in finding balance and structure in the energy of nature.

Ann’s studies began in graphic design at the University of Minnesota and furthered her knowledge of painting and drawing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Ann has participated in the WARM mentor program and worked individually with mentor Elizabeth Erickson. Ann continues studying and enjoys the fresh perspective it gives her passion.

Ann’s work expresses emotions filled with abstract and figurative elements, based on reality and the ethereal, with references to nature:
* A feeling of being complete while alone.
*Spiritually being interconnected with nature.
Color and layers move the viewer through the image. Repetition of patterns and color choices further abstract the image and give the viewer a new experience through the artist’s interpretation to a deeper connection through the cycles of change. The loose brush stroke softens the chaos.

Inspiration comes from memories, photographs of the Minnesota landscape, and travels across the great plains. Photos are examined for meanings expressed in the layers of paint and various mediums. The viewer can experience calming through the energy of the layers. Owners describe the experience as seeing something of age renewed, much like the cycles of nature Ann experiences within her home landscape.

The wild appears calm until you get quiet enough to see.

Artist Bio